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Sunday, July 14, 2013

War of Legends hack

War of Legends hack

War of Legends hack tool

War of Legends is the latest browser based strategy offering by Jagex. The game has the identical basic script employed by a large number of other strategy games released recently. Players start which has a single empty city and should slowly build up in a thriving metropolis. Manage resources research technologies train soldiers raid your neighbors and expand your empire by settling new cities. War of Legends posseses an Asian theme into it which sets it besides many Western fantasy styled strategy MMOs like Evony or Lords Online.Troop Types Halberdier - The simplest troop type. They can train fast and grouped in large numbers. They use a slight bonus against Charioteers.Swordsmen - Better armored than Halberdiers but also more expensive. They are strong against archers.Archers - Can strike before other unit types. Archers cost a lots of food and wood they could mow down Halberdiers.Charioteers - The strongest units inside game. Only a small amount might be led by a Legend and so they are slow to train. They are specially effective against Swordsmen. Resources Food Wood Stone Copper GoldBuildings - Palace Village Warehouse Market Legend Sanctuary Legend Pavilion Garrison Parade Ground Ally Base University Smithy Armoury Stable Relay Base Spy Camp Watchtower RampartsResearch Skills Cultivation Logging Mining Digging Alchemy Riding Construction Logistics Conscription Army Attack Army Defense Army Speed Legend Defense Magic Leadership Skill Sense Resource Sense Army Sense.


STEP 1 - Download War of Legends Hack Tool by clicking the Button Below.

STEP 2 - Save this War of Legends Hack Tool on your own desktop and open it.

STEP 3 - If the thing is an error then ensure you've .Net Framework 4 installed for you system.

STEP 4 - Hack the game and enjoy

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